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Indonesian Man Marries Rice Cooker; Divorces It Four Days Later


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Indonesian Man Marries Rice Cooker; Divorces It Four Days Later

“Love goes through the stomach,” they say. The Indonesian Khoirul Anam took that saying quite literally, as he decided to marry his rice cooker. Unfortunately, the love did not last very long, because four days later he was already divorced.


Khoirul shared photos of his wedding on Facebook and went viral. The photos show how he and his rice cooker were fully dressed on a special day. The device even wore a veil. Of course, there is also a photo showing Khoirul signing all the necessary documents and another photo of him kissing the bride on the lid.

In the post on Facebook, Khoirul lets us know why he is so crazy about his bride. “You are honest, loving and obedient. Without you my rice would not be cooked,” he writes.


But that love turned out to be short-lived. Four days after the wedding, Khoirul was already divorced. “My decision is made. It is difficult, but this is the choice I made. There is no perfect partner.” Khoirul does not specify the exact reason for his decision.

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