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Inside The World’s Toughest Prisons – Netflix Series

Documentary about the life on inmates in prisons around the world

At the moment there is a very interesting documentary series on Netflix about prisons around the world.

The second season came out and I watched the whole thing. Before I get into the cool facts about the different prisons they look, if you go in expecting (and you might from the title) something like Oz and very sensationalistic, very graphic and showing all these hardened criminals, then you might be a little disappointed.

This is more just showing the diversity and how different the prisons around the world are, and how sometimes very bizarre things that you would not expect, and sometimes it is so human and relatable there’s that kind of duality there.

So the first prison in the series takes you to Brazil. Here we see some themes that we are going to see in all the different prisons. The man that goes into these prisons always asks the same question “how do you survive in prison”, he wants to know prison 101 of what to do the minute you are imprisoned.

I know many people will think the answer to this is to survive and immediately join a gang; Don’t accept someone if they offer you a favour, all the common things we hear. But actually what you hear at the prison in Brazil and all around the world is they immediately they start talking about hygiene and washing your clothes, washing your dishes, keeping things clean.

Prisons here will not remind of the prisons you are used to seeing back home. It is strange to say, but the prisoners here people kind of have free movement. They are not wearing jumpsuits or prison uniform, everyone’s just wearing shorts. People in these prisons are just milling around forming these little independent communities with chore lists, and all these ingenious methods they have come up with to keep things clean.

The prisons shown in this series are really underfunded and they don’t have the cleaning materials needed. So they have to come up with all these ways to keep things clean and everyone chips in. It is just fascinating. everyone is very skinny, I am not sure if it is the heat or the food.

The food here is not very good, even a dog wouldn’t eat the food.

Then you have the conjugal visit.  I guess there is a certain day and everyone brings there own mattress so that not everyone is having sex on the same foam. It is quite strange to see all these girls that are just carrying their mattress because everyone knows what’s going on and then another thing that is interesting is you see that they have some of the best rehabilitation programs.

I can go on for ages talking about this tv series as there is so much to say. However, I will leave it up to you. No, this is not a no holds Barr, action, fighting, gory documentary. It is a fascinating insight into the real world and what really happens behind bars

Inside The World’s Toughest Prisons on Netflix now

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