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Sunday, August 14, 2022

Internet freedom in Thailand continues to crumble


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According to a new study by cybersecurity and online data protection experts, Internet freedom in Thailand has been severely curtailed by online censorship.

Thailand was rated 8 out of 11 in the Internet Freedom Ranking, equating to Syria, the United Arab Emirates, Eritrea and Belarus. Only Iran, North Korea and China, which got 10 and 11 points respectively, underperformed Thailand.

The kingdom’s ranking has deteriorated considerably, in the 2020 study Thailand was still rated with 6 points.

Comparitech attributes Thailand’s poor performance to the censorship of websites such as Pornhub, which were among the 20 most visited websites by Thai internet users before being banned last year. In addition to banning pornography, the political media is also heavily censored, according to the survey.

In Thailand, 190 adult websites have been taken offline. For the study, Comparitech examined restrictions or prohibitions on pornography, social media, the use of virtual private networks (VPNS) and messaging apps, and the restriction or censorship of political discussions on the Internet.

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