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Jail for yet another kindergarten teacher in Thailand

Phraewnapha Sriphood a nursery teacher at Sarasas Witaed Ratchaphruek School in Nonthaburi province received a 45-day unsuspended jail term on Friday for assaulting a kindergartener.

The jail term had been halved due to the fact that the teacher had confessed to her crime.

This has sparked public outrage after the CCTV footage of Phraewnapha putting a black garbage bag on a boy’s head before pulling it down to cover his entire body went viral on social media. Apparently, Phraewnapha had been punishing the young boy.

Also, the kindergarten teacher threatened other pupils with the same barbaric punishment if they did not stop crying.

Phraewnapha was found guilty and given three months’ imprisonment.

However, since the defendant confessed to the crime and cooperated with the investigation, the court halved her sentence to 45 days of unsuspended jail time.

Earlier this week, laywer Ronnarong Kaewphet of Justice-seeking Advocacy Network said the Nonthaburi court had given imprisonment sentences ranging from 15 to 75 days to four other teachers of Sarasas Witaed Ratchaphruek School for assaulting kindergarteners by banging their heads on their desks, pushing them to the ground or twisting their ears.

Ronnarong added that all the accused had confessed to their crimes, so the prison time they received was halved from the original verdict

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