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Jomtien allows pop-up restaurants to use the beach “for now” if different rules are followed


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Jomtien residents have recently noted that several different popular seafood restaurants in Jomtien and Na Jomtien have taken refuge on the beach in the evenings. Illuminated pop-up shops are being set up in various places, which has raised the question of whether this should be considered intrusive.

The pop-up restaurants, which include a variety of camping-style chairs and beanbags, as well as tables and lit areas, candles, music, and more, attract many guests, bringing some of the newly renovated beaches to live in, but also concerns about possible violations of laws about harm.

Anek Chartchua, a municipal official of Na Jomtien Municipality, inspected the area after videos went viral on TikTok, bringing many guests to the area to enjoy the beach in the evenings while eating and drinking food and drinks from nearby restaurants. .

The fun idea originated in the mind of a 57-year-old pair, pair, Kanapitapong, who owns a few seafood restaurants near the beach.

He told Anek and local media he knew the idea was likely against the law, but he now had to pull out all the stops to attract guests after Covid19 restrictions nearly shut down his business for the past two years. He said the area they used on the beach was well maintained and they kept it clean.

Anek has tentatively agreed and has not ordered them to stop, noting that the city should contact City Hall and the local courts, but it was possible that an agreement, such as with umbrella operators and food cart sellers, would can be closed in back for keeping the beach clean and avoiding problems. However, Anek stated that he was concerned that too many restaurants and vendors would copy the idea and join forces with local restaurants and entrepreneurs en masse to survive.

Pairot, in turn, noted, however, that if City Hall or the courts said he should pull the idea, he hoped agreements could be worked out.

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