Kamnan’s assitant shot dead in Narathiwat

Kamnan’s Assitant: The former assistant of a kamnan was shot dead in Rusoh district of Narathiwat province yesterday morning.


The shooting took place while he was on his way back home.

The victim, 68-year-old Waeyusoh Laelasor, had gunshot wounds in the nape of his neck, his back and his right shoulder.

Witnesses said the victim was riding his motorcycle on Sai Khok Sator-Si Sakhon Road when he was followed by another motorcycle and the man riding pillion opened fire on him.

Police, at this point, have said the shooting could be linked to either a personal conflict or the ongoing unrest in the deep South.

Violence has been raging in Thailand’s southernmost region for more than 10 years, with bloody incidents taking place on almost a daily basis.

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