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Keanu Reeves reportedly donated 70% of his Matrix fees for cancer research, fan calls him ‘role model’


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Keanu Reeves will soon be back in theatres in the latest The Matrix movie, but in real life, the actor is really a superhero. It was previously known that he secretly donates money to cancer research and now it has become clear that he has donated no less than 70 per cent of his The Matrix proceeds to that charity. According to the New York Post, that amounts to at least $31.5 million.

While some celebrities show their charitable work extensively, Keanu makes his donations ‘in secret’. He deliberately did not link his name to the foundation he founded years ago, because he does not want leukaemia research to be linked to his fame. For the same reason, he does not tell the press much about it.

Keanu experienced first-hand how devastating cancer can be when his younger sister Kim was diagnosed with leukaemia in 1991. Of the tens of millions he got for the first The Matrix movie in 1999, he donated the majority to research into the deadly disease. After years of treatment, Keanu’s sister was fortunately declared cancer-free in 2001, but the actor never stopped donating and so started his own charitable fund, although he always kept it out of the public eye.

“It helps a few children’s hospitals and cancer research”, is all he has ever said about it. “I don’t like to put my name on it, I just let the foundation do what it does.”

Keanu Reeves is a generous and modest man because it was previously clear that the John Wick actor was willing to give up a large part of his salary so that more money could go to the costume and special effects team. He has also surprised his stuntmen with motorcycles and personalized Rolex watches. It is therefore not surprising that the actor, who has always said that money is not important to him, has a good reputation on social media.

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