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Police suspect double killing is linked to southern unrest

Southern Unrest: An elderly husband and wife were shot dead at their furniture shop in Songkhla’s Thepa district on Sunday afternoon and police suspect it might be linked to the unrest in the deep South.


The shop was among the 10 sites of arson or bomb attacks targeted by suspected insurgents in 2013, according to a police source.

The unknown culprit(s) stormed into Nikhom furniture shop in Tambon Tha Moung and shot dead shop owner Uthit Chanrat, 65, and wife Boontim Chanrat, 63, with a pistol at around midday. A police investigation into the double murder is already underway and security officers are also taking part as a possible motive is the link to the deep South unrest, the source said.

The shop was arsoned by suspected insurgents on August 2, 2013, part of a wave of arson or bomb attacks at 10 locations in Songkhla, Yala, Pattani and Narathiwat.

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