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The final day of His Majesty the King’s three-day coronation ceremony will be observed as a national holiday.

The interim cabinet Monday declared that May 6 will be a national holiday, effectively resuming a holiday that had been celebrated on May 5 since King Bhumibol, the monarch’s father, ascended to the throne that day in 1950.

It had not been celebrated since his death in 2016.

Prime Minister Gen. Prayuth Chan-ocha said the new date, which falls on a Monday, was declared so the ceremony could proceed uninterrupted past the weekend.

The coronation ceremony is scheduled for May 4 to May 6. The king will officially be crowned May 4. A royal procession and inauguration of the king’s official name and signature will be held May 5, including the re-establishment of royal family members’ ranks.

On May 6, the king will hold an audience for the public and foreign diplomats at the Grand Palace.

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