Korat man charged with killing monk in Sa Kaew

Korat Man Charged: A Korat man was arrested early Wednesday for allegedly beating a Buddhist monk to death at a temple in Sa Kaew following a dispute during a boozing session.


Phol Noonpanya, 47, was arrested at the Chinese shrine where he’s been living in front of Wat Tham Khao Chakan in Khao Chakan district.

He is charged with murdering Phra Chamras Chaidee, 59.

Abbot Phrakhru Banphot Pattanaporn said Phra Chamras had come to live at the shrine several months ago and regularly disobeyed the monastic rule against drinking alcohol.

Police claim Phol admitted getting into an argument with the monk and hitting him with a plastic chair and repeatedly kicking him.

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