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Korean nationals get in fight with Pattaya woman after discovering she wasn’t born a biological woman


Korean nationals: Two South Korean dudes got in a fight with a beautiful woman they brought to their apartment in the wee hours of Saturday in Pattaya after realizing she was transgender.

At about 3am — about the time of night you’d expect for a story like this — Sawang Boriboon rescue volunteers responded to a call that there were three injured persons at an apartment building in Soi Pattaya 1.

When they arrived, they found two apparently intoxicated Koreans with bruises, one of them bleeding from the head. Meanwhile, the 22-year-old trans lady had an injury to her left leg and had to be taken to the ambulance on a stretcher, according to Pattaya News Archive.

Photo: Pattaya News Archive/ Facebook
Photo: Pattaya News Archive/ Facebook

All three were taken to the hospital.

According to the young woman, identified only as Somchai, she was “strolling around the beach” when the two Korean guys, who weren’t named, approached her and started flirting with her.

In case you haven’t been to Pattaya, the beach is where the action is at.

After she agreed to come back to their apartment for a tryst, they got in an argument after discovering to their displeasure that she was not born a woman.

A police report was filed and an investigation is ongoing.



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