Krabi tackles macaque overpopulation

Krabi officials have neutered 157 monkeys in Hat Noppharat Thara–Mu Ko Phi Phi National Park as part of its operation to control the macaque population.


The program echoes a similar project conducted last month to reduce the numbers of mischievous macaque monkeys in Phuket.

The monkeys are captured, neutered and moved to a new home where they can live in peace without bothering tourists.

Officials and veterinarians from the provincial Livestock Department and the Ministry of Natural Resources and the Environment have sterilised 157 macaques in an attempt to keep their population under control.

Some of the primates have reportedly caused trouble, wounded tourists and stolen tourists’ food and belongings.

All the neutered monkeys will be released in a 3,000-rai mangrove forest in Ko Lanta district, away from tourists. The authorities are still looking for ways to deal with the remaining 800 macaques at Wat Tham Sua Wipassana.

The Nation

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