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Legal casinos will open in all regions of Thailand


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Thailand proposes to legalize casinos with a 30 per cent tax levy in every region of the country

A House of Representatives committee plans to propose to the Thai government the creation of five legal casinos whose income would be taxed at 30 per cent. Committee members believe this will help reduce problems with illegal gambling establishments, the Thai Public Broadcasting Service reported.

Pichet Chuamuangphan, the second vice chairman of the House committee that is studying the legalization of gambling entertainment complexes, said the committee submitted its findings to the government. Members of the committee propose considering legal casinos, one in each region: in the northern, northeastern, central, southern regions, and Greater Bangkok. These casinos would allow all forms of gambling, from traditional to online, Pichet explained.

The Thai government will allow concessions with the private sector for legal casinos, from which it will collect 30 per cent of taxes, including local taxes that can be used to maintain such establishments, Pichet said.

Players must be at least 20 years old to enter legal casinos, and they must provide information about their financial situation before entering. Government officials will not be allowed into casinos unless they have a permit.

A House committee has studied casino laws in various countries, including Singapore and Malaysia. Methods used in other countries are being adapted to make them suitable for Thailand, Pichet explained. The House committee has also studied the fourth section of the Gambling Act and will propose that the government develop amended laws and requirements for opening legal casinos.

The proposed legal casinos are also aimed at attracting tourists to Thailand, Pichet said. The committee plans to present its findings to the government in a month and submit proposals to the House of Representatives by November of this year.

Gambling is currently illegal in Thailand, so there are periodic reports of numerous underground gambling dens in the country. The issue has often been raised by the opposition during parliamentary hearings with the government.

The casino in the border town of Poipet, Cambodia, is known to employ Thai nationals and is overcrowded with Thai nationals.

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