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Legislation to stop no-deal Brexit passes both houses of UK parliament

The UK’s upper parliament, the House of Lords, agreed on the final text of a bill that would force UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson to ask the EU for a Brexit extension unless he can get parliament to approve a deal.

The bill now proceeds to royal assent before becoming law.

The cross-party bill was passed by the Commons on Wednesday night after MPs wrangled control of the parliamentary agenda on Tuesday.

The Lords have committed to passing the bill to prevent a no-deal Brexit by 5 pm BST on Friday.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said the bill is “designed to overturn the biggest democratic vote in our history”.

On Thursday, he added he would rather be “dead in a ditch” than ask the EU for an extension to the October 31st Brexit deadline.

By around 11:30 am BST on Friday, the Lords had completed the Committee stage of the bill and will move on to the “report stage” in which the Lords continue to examine and vote on amendments.


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