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Stock up the limes, prices will rise to 150 THB per kilo this hot season.


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In Thailand during the arrival of the hot season, limes will rise up in price as limes are not in season and are harder to find in the market. The average price of limes in the market during the hot season has always raised in the hot season with the highest price throughout the years have remained at 100 THB per kilogram.


This year in 2019, it is estimated that the price of limes in the market has the possibility to rise to 150 THB. The INN news team went to investigate the Hatyai fresh market and discovered that the highest market price for limes is currently at 120 THB. The 120 THB limes are the biggest limes available and the price is at per kilogram.

The cheaper alternatives for limes is currently at 90 THB per kilogram and the cheapest price is at 80 THB per kilogram. The cheaper priced limes are smaller limes, the cheapest limes are usually half the size of the highest priced limes.

The hot season will remain for a while in Thailand counting from today (2 April 2019). The prices mentioned above are for wholesale purchase where the limes need to be purchased at full price. Prices in retail markets and in supermarkets will be higher than the wholesale price.

The normal price for limes in other seasons is at 60 THB for the biggest limes. This year the market price for limes is the highest it has ever been in the history of Thailand. Lime sellers at the Hatyai Fresh market stated that the price will rise higher in April. There is a certain chance that the market price will rise to 150 THB per kilogram this Songkran.

As for yellow lime, which are limes that have been let to sit for a while is currently sold at 90 THB per kilogram. The normal price of yellow limes in other seasons are sold at 100 THB for 3 kilograms.


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