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Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Maaike goes viral on TikTok with videos about farting


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Chances are you’ve laughed your ass off when someone close to you sighed. This may also have to do with the fact that it is still taboo. In any case, Maaike hopes to break that taboo: the popular TikTokker is going viral with her hilarious fart videos under the title ‘guess the fart’. She tells Tannaz more about the popular video series.


Maaike has been making funny TikTok videos with puns and riddles for a while, but her “guess the fart” videos in particular seem to be doing really well. The idea for the video series originated in a place where it is perhaps the least appropriate to puff, namely at work. The setup is simple: before Maaike lets out a puff, her colleague must first guess what kind of noise would make her puff. “At work I played ‘guess the fart’ with a colleague, but in rooms where that was possible” , says Maaike. “At one point I thought, let’s just put this on TikTok.”


Although Maaike came up with the idea for the video series at work, she says that she has always had a ‘predisposition’ for puffing. As a baby, she already farted enormously, according to her mother. It was therefore a small step for her to make videos about it. Especially because she tries to break the taboo on farting. “I had been known on TikTok for a while for my puns and riddles, but the first ‘guess the fart’ was very well received. Then I was like, ‘I could make a whole series of this.’ Now I see a lot of comments under my videos like, ‘that’s that girl from those farts.'”


Although Maaike is becoming more and more famous on TikTok, she does not necessarily want to earn a lot of money with her hilarious videos. It is enough for the TikTokker if she can put a smile on the faces of her followers. “I try to put a smile on people’s faces and usually I succeed. I get a lot of positive reactions and that encourages me to make more videos.”

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