A man in southern Thailand was busted today when he tried to smuggle kratom drink — a narcotic syrup made from kratom leaves — into jail for a friend who was, wait for it … in jail for possession of kratom.

Korde Busor, 26, was arrested at Songkhla’s Saba Yoi police station after he tried to drop off some snacks and kratom drink for his friend Kariya Tohat, who was jailed there.

How did he try to hide kratom drink? Upon inspecting the plastic bag in which he brought brought some snacks — including cookies and chips — police found that Korde had emptied a carton of soi milk and replaced it with the narcotic syrup, Sanook reported.

Man Arrested for Bringing Kratom Drink to Visit Friend Jailed for Possession of … Kratom

In the end, Korde got to join his friend as an inmate at the same prison, on the same charges: possession of drugs category 5.

They’re both now facing up to one year in jail and/or a fine of up to THB20,000 (US$600). No word on if they’re being allowed to share a cell.

Source : Love Pattaya