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Man calls police on finding chocolate gun on doorstep

A man from Maastricht got the shock of his life last Sunday when he saw a firearm in front of his home. The disturbed Maastrichter did not hesitate for a moment and immediately called in the police, who rushed to the house. Once arrived, it became clear that the man was unnecessarily concerned. It turned out to be a chocolate gun.

The Maastricht police wrote on Facebook that the shocked resident reported the find in the evening. There was also a box of ammunition next to the gun with the number 23 on it. “With these kinds of reports, we naturally ensure that we are on-site as soon as possible to secure that firearm. And of course, you wonder on the way to the reporter where such a firearm comes from. Why is such a firearm at the front door of a house? Closer inspection revealed that both the pistol and the box of ammunition were made of chocolate.

The officers were eventually able to reassure the resident and took the chocolate gun and ammunition to the station, as he did not appreciate the gift at all. The man informed the police that he has no problem with anyone and wondered who would do such a thing. The police, therefore, give the tip that “a chocolate letter at the front door would have been much better”.

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