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Man dies in 2 minutes after drinking a whole bottle of Jägermeister


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A man in South Africa has died after drinking an entire bottle of Jägermeister in just two minutes. The man drank the whole bottle because of a bet with which he could win almost 12 euros, The Daily Mail reports.

The man placed the bet at a South African liquor store, in a shop in the village of Mashamba, Limpopo. Whoever could drink a bottle of Jägermeister the fastest would win 200 rand, which is almost 12 euros converted.

The local resident drank the 35% alcohol-litre bottle in less than two minutes. Not much later he began to falter and fell to the ground. He was taken by ambulance to the hospital, where the doctors could do nothing more and he was pronounced dead.

Limpopo’s police spokesman, Brig Motlafela Mojapelo, said officers would investigate the incident further. “Police have launched an investigation into an alcohol abuse incident. The incident took place at one of the local drinking establishments in Mashamba Village, where several men are said to have participated in a drinking contest .”

Limpopo continued: ” The winner who could consume the whole bottle of Jägermeister within a certain time would receive 200 rand in cash. One of them immediately collapsed after drinking. He was taken to the local clinic and was found to be beyond help. could be.”

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