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Man Eats Girlfriends Booty For The First Time Dies From E. Coli

E. Coli: Michael Benson wanted to try something new in bed to spice things up in bed with his girlfriend who will remain anonymous. After listening to a few Kevin Gates songs he decide it would be a good idea to try this new craze.

Benson admitted himself to the hospital after he felt ill he told doctors he felt fine the day before and had no change in diet or any serious illnesses. Doctors asked him several questions and the only thing he could think of doing differently in his daily routine was eating his girlfriends ass.

Doctors took blood from Benson and after several test he tested positive for E. Coli by this time 21 year old Michael Benson had already died at his home. This article and information was made public to raise awareness “Not all booty is good booty.”

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