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Man gets 24 years in prison after podcast provides evidence about 40-year-old murder


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Man gets 24 years in prison after podcast provides evidence about 40-year-old murder

In Australia, a man named Chris Dawson has been sentenced to 24 years in prison for a murder he committed in 1982. The story of his then-wife’s missing was covered in The Teacher’s Pet podcast in 2018, which caused the case to be reopened. Dawson was found guilty of murdering his wife in August.

Podcasts about murders are not only popular, they also prove to be very useful. The well-known podcast series called The Teacher’s Pet covered the old case of the disappearance of 33-year-old Lynette Dawson. In the episode, family, friends, neighbors and acquaintances of Lynette spoke about her mysterious disappearance. The podcast became a real hit and received more than 30 million streams worldwide. The Australian police, therefore, decided to reopen the case.

Lynette disappeared in 1982. Her husband Chris only reported her missing to the police six weeks after the disappearance. He claimed she abandoned her family to join a cult. Remarkably, at the time of the disappearance, Chris was having an affair with a 16-year-old girl from the school where he worked as a PE teacher. She moved in with Dawson two days after Lynette disappeared, and they married two years later.

Although Lynette’s body was never found, the judge ruled that there is enough evidence to point Chris as guilty. According to the judge, he was obsessed with the 16-year-old girl he had an affair with and wanted to replace Lynette for her. The 74-year-old Dawson, who therefore faces a prison sentence of 24 years, claims to be innocent and will probably appeal.

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