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Man narrowly escapes hail of bullets while waiting in car for girlfriend in Pattaya


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A Thai man narrowly escaped dozens of bullets as he waited by his car to pick up his girlfriend. According to the Banglamung Police Commissioner, the cause of this attack may have stemmed from a personal dispute.

Teerapan Mulma, the 34-year-old owner of the car, revealed his near-death experience to local media that an unknown number of suspects fired multiple shots at his white Toyota Yaris sedan. He miraculously escaped all the bullets, while his car had turned into the cheese of holes.

He had agreed to pick up his girlfriend, but she was having a drink with a group of friends. When he asked her to come along, she refused and a scolding broke out, because she wanted to continue the party. For Teerapan there was nothing for it but to return home

Teerapan called his girlfriend again at midnight and asked her to go home, but she still refused. He also said that he got to speak to a number of unknown men over the phone with us, he also got into an argument. After some time these men stood at his door and wanted to teach him a lesson, why Teerapan took one knife to chase them away.

Teerapan later drove his car back to his girlfriend’s work to pick her up, when suddenly a car stopped in the parking lot from which one hail of bullets was fired at his car.

Teerapan said he was very lucky to get out of his car in time and run into the forest, dodging all the bullets. The suspects then drove off when they had finished their job.

Banglamung Police Chief Navin Sinthurat determined that the bullet holes in the victim’s sedan were shotguns. Initially, he was going to look at CCTV footage to capture the suspect(s) as soon as possible to guard the victim, who was still afraid of the suspect’s possible return.

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