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A Thai man proposed to his girlfriend at a popular comedy show in front of a thousand people on Saturday, a grand gesture that isn’t going over particularly well with netizens, who point out the big moment came at the expense of other people’s time and money.

About an hour and a half into Note Udom No.12, the most recent effort by Thai stand-up star Udom “Note” Taepanich, the comedian handed his microphone to an identified Thai man who nervously told the audience he had something he simply must express to his girlfriend.

“We’ve been together for six years now, and I’ve asked Note that I really want to do this here,” announced the would-be groom. “Ploy, will you marry me?”

After several coy seconds, she shouted “yes!” then urged her husband-to-be to quickly put the ring on her fingers.

Man Proposes to Girlfriend at Stand-up Comedy Show, but People Are Pissed Couple Took Away Some Show Time

While the move earned a round of cheers and applause from the live audience (it’s a bit hard to say how many were sitting on their hands for the magic moment), most netizens seem to have a less positive reaction.

“I’m not happy for you guys,” reads one of the top comments, “[But] You’re wasting other people’s time on your personal business. People paid money and devoted their time to see this show — not to be your witnesses. If you guys at least waited until after the show, I wouldn’t have a problem with it.”

Man Proposes to Girlfriend at Stand-up Comedy Show, but People Are Pissed Couple Took Away Some Show Time

“Is this even romantic? Did you really have to do it at a stand-up show? Or did you just want to make the news?” questions another commenter. “If so, go do it in a middle of the Asoke intersection or something. I guess that wouldn’t be as climatic.”

“Who the f**k are these two, and why should I care?” comments another without beating around the bush.

Among mostly negative bashes, however, there are still some who choose to see the beauty in the situation.

“Why can’t you guys just appreciate the good things around you? It’s not like this took hours or even made Note alter his show,” comments one supporter. “Did you really just want to come here to laugh and leave without reflecting on any positive parts of life that Note talks about so often?”

But here’s a kick to the story: according to Sanook, the love-stricken proposer isrumored to be the CEO of an unidentified marketing and logistic company, which happened to be a sponsor for Note Udom’s show. (Although, the comedian hasn’t confirmed this himself.) Hmmm.

Source: Love Pattaya

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