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Man steals 2 diamond rings for girlfriend as sign of True Love

Man steals 2 diamond rings from a famous mall in Korat, Nakhon Ratchasima Province as a sign of true love for his girlfriend. A police officer happened to be near the area at the moment, the thief had a catch and run moment before being arrested. 

The incident took place on the 7th of this month (August 2019) at around 8.00 pm. The suspect walked into the diamond shop asking to see some rings for the proposal to his girlfriend. After the salesperson handed him some rings, he pretended to look at them for a while. He then suddenly ran out of the store while trying on the rings.

Police Lieutenant Colonel Nirand Tawanpuwanat the Inspector (Suppression) from the Wang Nam Kiew Police Station in Nakhon Ratchasima province happened to be in the mall when the incident took place. He heard screams stating that a thief had just stolen diamond rings. The suspect then ran past the officer. The Pol.Lt.Col ran after the thief right away. The timing was definitely against the suspect’s luck.

The suspect’s luck gets even worse when he runs straight into the mall door. The glass shatters and the suspect is stunned for a moment. This is the moment when the mall security guard and Win motorbike drivers waiting for customers in front of the mall quickly grabbed the thief. The police officer searched the suspect and found the 2 diamond rings worth 84,000 THB.

Sittikorn 22 years old and the evidence was delivered to the Nakhon Ratchasima City Police Station. He admitted to the police that the rings were for his girlfriend. They have been together for about a year. He traveled to Nakhon Ratchasima to find work and to live together with his girlfriend. The suspect found a job and the first day of work is on the 8th of this month, one day after he decided to steal the rings.

Sittikorn wanted to surprise his girlfriend with a diamond ring for a proposal as a symbol of his true love for her. When he went to see the rings he realized that they were too expensive and he had no money. He decided on the spot to steal the rings and ran away, but he was arrested minutes after doing so.


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