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Military policeman killed in motorcycle crash

Military policeman killed in motorcycle crash in Nakhon Phanom

A military policeman was killed when his powerful motorcycle lost control and crashed into a lamppost in Nakhon Phanom’s Muang district on Wednesday night, police said.

Private First Class Naruebet Upan, 21, attached to the Nakhon Phanom-based 210th Army Circle, died at the scene when his 500-cc Kawasaki Ninja bike crashed on Nittayo Road in Tambon Kurukhu at 11:40pm.

Naruebet’s parents said he had been posted to the base for two months and saved for a long time to buy the bike.

His friends told police that Naruebet joined a celebration to mark the Military Police Day and afterwards went out to buy goods.

Police believe he lost control because the road was slippery after rain.

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