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Ministry using ‘Quality of Love’ QR Code from Feb 14 to give health advice to couples planning a family


The Public Health Ministry will provide 10 key pieces of information for “quality family creation” via the “Quality of Love: Phro Rak Jeung Yakhai Roo (We love you, we want you to know)” QR Code, from Valentine’s Day on Thursday on wards.

The advice will be made available at marriage-registration points in 878 upcountry district offices and 50 Bangkok district offices.

The QR Code is in line with the state policy to promote a quality birth rate and related measures to promote safe baby delivery and quality development of newborns’ care, permanent secretary Dr Sukhum Kanchanaphimai told the press at the ministry’s head office in Nonthaburi on Monday.

Sukhum’s deputy, Dr Supakit Sirilak, said the ministry had been working through the Mother and Child Health Board’s national, regional and provincial offices with the goal of totally eradicating maternal and infant mortality from bleeding and pregnancy-induced hypertension by 2026.

As part of the measures, couples wishing to have babies will be told about how to prepare in advance, including women taking folic acid continuously for three months ahead of a pregnancy in order to prevent anaemia and congenital abnormality, Supakit said.

Other measures include quality development of antenatal care, better planning for child delivery in cases involving genetic disorder, improvement of baby-delivery rooms, access to safe child delivery and a fast-track obstetric referral system, the deputy permanent secretary explained.



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