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Missing Thai man found dead after speedboat capsizes in Chonburi, man swims three miles to survive


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The body of a missing man was found floating in the sea yesterday after a speedboat is said to have sunk in the main district of Chonburi.

Sanesuk Police were informed of the incident that had occurred near the coast of Khao Sammuk

They, the first responders and the local press arrived on the scene and found 59-year-old emotional Khun Tanawat Puengjaroeb. Tanawat, who described himself as an excellent swimmer, had managed to survive the incident by swimming to shore, more than four kilometres away, and kept afloat using a small empty oil container.

Tanawat told Sanesuk police: “Me and Khun Jarukit Saisinnawat, 62, were returning from the funeral of the Damrong Petra, the mayor of Koh Si Chang who had died of a heart attack.”

Petra passed away peacefully at home earlier this month and had been mayor of Koh Si Chang sub-district for 22 years. He was responsible for many projects that improved the quality of life on the island, such as improving the electricity grid and protecting coral reefs and the environment.

On the way to Koh Si Chang there was a strong wind, which caused big waves and capsized our speedboat. I last saw Jarukit holding a tree trunk while I was holding an empty oil container.”

“I managed to swim to land about four kilometres from the area where the speedboat capsized,” said Tanawat, who he says used the oil container to stay afloat as he swam nearly three miles.

When Tanawat reached the coast, he contacted people nearby to call the Marine Patrol who immediately sprang into action looking for Khun Jarukit.

The search for Jarukit continued late into the evening, after which Jaukit’s body was found dead in only underwear about a nautical mile from a beach.

Rescue divers told the press that Jarukit may have already taken off his clothes to get light while trying to survive, but failed.

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