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Model ‘uninvited’ from friend’s wedding ‘because she looked too good’


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Getting married is one of the most unforgettable moments in your life that you most want to share with your closest friends and family. However, a friend of the German model Alena Yildiz thought otherwise. The 21-year-old model was not allowed to attend the wedding of one of her best friends, because she looked ‘too good.

That is remarkable since the bride was allowed to decide for herself what Yildiz should wear. The model would serve as a bridesmaid along with five other friends. “All of our girlfriends wore extravagant dresses, but she only had a problem with mine,” Yildiz told Insider. Yildiz expressed her disappointment in a video on TikTok. However, she also immediately seized the moment to take a number of photos in the dress that looked ‘too good for her.

Although the bride chose the dress, Yildiz was allowed to pay 1200 euros for the custom-made dress all by herself. To show how the dress looked on her, the 21-year-old model sent a video of herself to her friend. Shortly afterwards, she called Yildiz to indicate that she still doubts her own choice. She thought that Yildiz would attract too much attention at her wedding. The two then got into an altercation, after which Yildiz was told she was no longer welcome at her close friend’s wedding.

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Not surprisingly, the friendship between them broke down, something that Yildiz says is difficult. According to her, jealousy or the feeling that you have to compete with someone only encourages toxic relationships. “Another woman’s beauty doesn’t fade your beauty and I wish more people would understand that and feel confident.”

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