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Monk runs away after he was caught stealing women’s underwear in Thailand


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A Thai TV star searched the rooms of a monk accused of stealing women’s underwear and found both men’s and women’s underwear in the monk’s room.

The couple who lived near the temple in central Chachoengsao province checked CCTV footage after the woman’s panties disappeared and said they saw a monk remove the panties from the clothesline outside their home.

They reported it to the police, but there were no developments, so they sought help from a well-known volunteer known as Mor Pla or Doctor Pla. The TV star helped track down and identify the monk who allegedly stole the underwear.

Thai media followed Mor Pla to the temple quarters for the monk, Phra Kaisorn, who had fled the temple before the people arrived. Things were packed in the room as if the monk was going on a trip with suitcases filled with men’s and women’s underwear.

The abbot of the temple said that he was not aware of this before and did not know where the suspect was. He added that Phra Kaisorn had just entered monkhood and had moved from a temple in Prachinburi province three months ago.

The abbot said he had no phone numbers or documents from Phra Kaisorn. The abbot also added that the monk made a mistake, but that he should not be laicized.

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