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Tuesday, December 6, 2022

More than a week after a police officer killed one doctor in Bangkok with his Ducati, a foreigner has now been knocked over on a crosswalk in Pattaya


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An (as yet) unknown foreign man suffered a broken ankle and serious head injuries when he was hit by a heavy motorcycle in Pattaya.

More than a week after a heavy Ducati motorcycle was ridden by a 21-year-old police officer who killed a pedestrian in Bangkok, raising calls for stricter vehicle safety, a foreign man was seriously injured when he was hit by a car in Pattaya.

The unknown man suffered serious injuries in the accident on a pedestrian crossing on Soi Chalermprakiat 23 last weekend.

Somchai Ahayi, the 29-year-old KTM motorcycle rider who knocked him over on the crosswalk, suffered a head injury and cuts himself. The driver claimed he was driving on Third Road when the pedestrian passed him at a zebra crossing.

This recent accident is one of many that have been in the spotlight since January 21, when young ophthalmologist Waraluck Supwatjariyakul was killed while crossing Phya Thai Road in Bangkok. A 21-year-old male driving a half-million baht Ducati hit her and did not slow down at the zebra crossing, where he came rushing at a speed of 125 kilometres per hour.

Unfortunately, the tragic story is not unique. On average, more than two pedestrians die each day in traffic in Thailand, and last year their 743 fatalities joined the tens of thousands of motorists also killed in a country with the sixth-highest number of road deaths in the world in 2019, only countries like Zimbabwe, Congo and Venezuela take the crown on this globe.

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