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Motorcycle event organizers apologize for allowing dad to carry baby on test drive

Organizers of a recent motorcycle event have openly apologized for allowing a Thai man to carry a baby in a carrier on his back while testing a heavy motorcycle.

An event manager said owners of heavy motorcycles were allowed to test the track, unfortunately, no one noticed the man was carrying a baby on his back. The manager did add that the motorcycles were not allowed to drive faster than 50 kilometers per hour.

Photos of a large motorcyclist with a baby strapped to his back during a motorcycle event caught the attention of Thais on social media with concerns for the child’s safety.

The baby, who appears to be only a few months old, was seen in a baby carrier on the father’s back. The man posted photos of himself on a big bike on Facebook but deleted the post after complaints from Thai netizens piled up, criticizing the man and motorsport staff for their recklessness.

A track manager said the incident happened during a motorcycle event where several companies and distributors were offering a driving test. The manager said the staff did not notice that there was a baby on the rider’s back and they believed it was a backpack. They also insisted that the speed was limited to only 50 kilometers per hour and that it was not a racing campaign. The team apologized for the recklessness and promised to avoid a similar case.

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