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Multi-Visa to Thailand – new rules for tourists


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Thai authorities have approved the new rules for obtaining multi visas for tourists who come to the kingdom for more than a month

Russian citizens visiting Thailand for 45 days do not need a visa, but those who stay in the country for a long time usually apply for a multi visa, which is valid for six months. Due to the introduction of the Government of Thailand’s new rules for obtaining a multi-visa now such travelers will be required to provide proof of their ability to pay.

If previously it was enough to attach a certificate from a bank about the availability of the account $6000, and now the authorities will require a copy of a bank statement for the past six months. Moreover, the minimum balance for each month must be at least $7000. This is, to put it mildly, not a small amount for many Russians.

In addition, tourists are required to provide a detailed travel plan, a certificate of employment mentioning the seniority and position, and from students – a certificate of full-time education.

Such restrictions are designed to reduce the flow of “winterers,” said a representative of a travel agency in Moscow, the fact is that poor tourists bring almost no income to the country. As noted by representatives of the Russian tourism industry, it will indeed affect the number of “backpackers” who come to Thailand with one backpack and no money. Such tourists hitchhike, sleep in cheap hostels or tents, eat simple food and bring almost no money. Travelers in this category predominantly apply for a six-month visa.

Now they will need not only a bank account statement, but also a certificate of employment, which should figure on the position, length of service and duration of leave, or from the place of study on the training on a full-time basis. Experts point out that citizens who can provide such certificates will not go to Thailand for six months, because they are tied to the study or a permanent job.

Some enterprising travelers have already figured out how to get around the new restrictions. They plan to use the “border-ran” method of traveling abroad, such as to Cambodia, and then a new visa-free entry into Thailand.

Earlier it was reported that in November the demand for tours to Thailand increased significantly among the Russians, despite the fact that the prices for this direction are still quite high. According to the tour operators, this trend indicates the revival of interest of Russian tourists to the popular Asian resort.

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