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Bangkok chef serves up MURDER VICTIM’s remains to customers


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MURDER VICTIM’s Remains: Patrons at a vegetarian restaurant in Bangkok, Thailand, were turned off when they found chunks of meat in their food, but they were even more disgusted once they discovered it was human flesh.

Although the restaurant goers didn’t initially realize it was human meat on their plates, they reported the “vegetarian” establishment to authorities, Singaporean news site Asia One reported Monday.

Upon further investigation, police made a grisly and disturbing discovery—the remains of a missing 61-year-old, who had frequented the restaurant, were discovered in the kitchen, which was spattered with blood.

Prasit Inpathom, the victim, had last been seen having drinks at the restaurant on October 21. According to local reports, the man had allegedly gotten into a fight with the restaurant owner.

He was killed in the altercation, and the owner devised a plan to serve the body to clients as a way to dispose of it and avoid discovery.

According to police, the suspect has disappeared and remains at large.

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