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Myanmar man captured by Tak villagers, charged after allegedly trying to rape 3-year-old

Villagers in Tak’s Phop Phra district attacked and captured a drunken Myanmar man after he had allegedly attempted to rape a 3-year-old Myanmar girl on Monday morning.

The man, identified only as “The”, was handed over to police by Sa-ngad Winnun, head of Moo 6 village in Tambon Ruam Thai Pattana.

Sa-ngad told police that he had led local residents to capture The after Ma-ae, a Myanmar woman, shouted for help that he had dragged her young daughter away with intent to rape her.

Ma-ae said her daughter had been playing outside in the village when The simply grabbed and dragged her away, prompting the girl to cry, which the mother luckily heard.

The admitted that he had been drinking and, seeing the girl playing alone, had planned to rape her, according to police.

He has been charged with sexual assault against a person below the age of 15.

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