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Myanmar man has an accident near Pattaya for the second time in a short time, this time fatal

A Myanmar man was pronounced dead at the scene, while a Thai motorcyclist suffered serious injuries after their two motorbikes collided earlier near Huay Yai.

Huay Yai Police were notified of the accident at Chaiyaphon Vithi Pong Road in Khao Maikaew at 6:00 PM.

The volunteer emergency service and police arrived on the scene and found two damaged motorcycles on the road.

28-year-old Myanmar motorcyclist Yan Rin was pronounced dead at the scene. The other young Thai driver, 18-year-old Kritsada Hangoi, had suffered serious injuries. He was rushed to a local hospital for urgent medical attention and assistance.

A friend of Yan Yan, who later arrived on the scene but refused to give his name to the Thai press, reportedly told Huay Yai police that Yan Yan had also been involved in an accident last month but only suffered ten minor injuries. His friends had warned him to drive more carefully, but tragically, he didn’t seem to have heeded the warnings.

Police are checking nearby cameras to determine the cause of the accident and have not determined the exact cause or liability at this time.

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