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Mysterious deaths on Koh Tao: super-wealthy hotel & factory owners found dead in the pool


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THAILAND’S infamous southern island of Koh Tao in Surat Thani is in the news again.

Yesterday, two extremely wealthy Thais of Indonesian descent were found drowned in a luxury hotel swimming pool.

The police initially determined that it was a tragic accident. Their son found the bodies after he went for a walk. Local Police Commissioner Colonel Kriangkrai Kraikaew received a call from Koh Tao Hospital staff after the bodies were found.

It would be 59-year-old Ragess Sajjathammakun and his 55-year-old wife Anchu (Your news bear Olleke Bolleke in Thailand notes that the names have been transliterated from Thai and may be incorrect in some respects).

The Thai Daily News reported that they owned a five-star hotel in Phuket and plastic factories in Rayong and Prachinburi. They were billionaires.

Their son Ratich, 34, found the bodies of his parents. He told that he had come to Koh Tao with his parents on vacation. He had gone for a walk on the beach, and his mother and father were supposed to go to the hotel pool.

When he returned, he found them floating in the pool, he immediately alerted the hotel staff and the hospital, when they were picked up they were both already dead.

Colonel Kriangkrai said there was no sign of an attack or a struggle, he considered it likely that one of the two had gotten into trouble in the pool while the other had called for help and was unable to do so, with the result that both found dead

The investigations continue

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