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‘NATO will declare that space is a new domain’, says former Deputy Assistant Secretary General

Very public political disputes have undermined NATO’s 70th anniversary celebrations in London.

But underneath the sparring, the fundamentals of the organisation remain strong, argues Jamie Shea, who is Senior Fellow at the think tank Friends of Europe.

The former NATO Deputy Assistant Secretary General says a number of policy developments show the alliance is preparing for the challenges of tomorrow. One of those is a new move to establish security in space.

“You have to distinguish between those issues that for which NATO is responsible and the global strategic issues, which are not immediately in NATO’s basket, but which leaders like to discuss when they come together,” says Shea.

“If you look at the strictly NATO portion of the story, there’s good news on burden-sharing. President Trump is now giving the European allies credit for upping their defence spending.

“One thing that is going to be very significant today is that NATO will declare that space is a new domain of operations. And the members are coming together around an agreed policy on China.”

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