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Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Nearly 100,000 Russians fled to neighboring countries to avoid military service


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Nearly 100,000 Russians have fled to neighbouring Kazakhstan since last Wednesday. Media reportsPresident Vladimir Putin announced partial mobilization that day, meaning that part of the population will be subject to compulsory military service. The large influx to the Russian neighboring country indicates that people are trying to avoid the mobilization en masse.

In Kazakhstan, the authorities are having a lot of trouble receiving the Russians. For example, many accommodations are already fully booked and the prices of rental properties have risen. Part of the population is calling on the government in Kazakhstan to temporarily close the border with Russia, but President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev does not think that is an appropriate solution. “Most of them have been forced to leave due to the desperate situation. We have to take care of them and ensure their safety.”

Putin’s announcement of partial mobilization will initially call on 300,000 people to strengthen defences. Putin says only reservists are called up for military service. These are people who have been in military service or who have certain military specialisms and experience. However, many Russians are afraid that it will not stop there and that many more (inexperienced) people will have to report later.

It is also known that many Russians, in addition to Kazakhstan, are also moving en masse to other neighbouring countries. Georgia and Finland also make it clear that the number of Russian people crossing the border is increasing.

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