Netflix removes LGBTI label from series about murderer Jeffrey Dahmer

Netflix removes the LGBTI label from the Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story series, after a fuss about this last week. The streaming service has been criticized because users were offered the series as a suggestion if they were interested in LGBTI videos. However, the series tells the bizarre story of a serial killer and cannibal Jeffrey Dahmer.

The true crime series caused a lot of discussions after it turned out that Netflix had attached the LGBTI label to the series because Dahmer and his victims were homosexual. This gave viewers of, for example, the Queer Eye program the tip to watch the intense series about Dahmer.

Netflix could expect a lot of criticism from the LGBTQia+ community. Several people spoke out about the matter on Twitter. “Imagine you click on the LGBTI category and you get this,” reads a photo of the new series. “They didn’t put the lhbti label on that Dahmer shit” , someone else said. ” This is not the representation we want.”

After the criticism, Netflix has decided to remove the LGBTI label from Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story. The series is now labeled ‘psychological’, ‘horror’, ‘old crimes’ and ‘dark’.

Jeffrey Dahmer brutally abused and murdered 17 young men between 1978 and 1991. He was also known as ‘the Milwaukee cannibal’, because he saved and ate parts of his victims. In the ten episodes of the Netflix series, you can see how Dahmer ‘brought in’ his victims and his actions are also graphically re-enacted.

Dahmer’s story is not only infamous for the horror he inflicted on his victim, but also for the failure of the police. In the series, you see how Dahmer was able to go about his business for years thanks to his white privilege as a white man. The police often took his side and reports of black witnesses were not taken seriously or believed. This cost the lives of many men of colour in particular.

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