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New stricter rules for big motorcycles in Thailand are on the shelf


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The Department of Land Transport has come up with new criteria for large motorcyclists, where applying for a heavy motorcycle license requires the applicant to provide a medical certificate.

Yongyut Nakdaeng, director of the department said the ministerial regulation on the application, issue and renewal of driver’s licenses requires major motorcyclists to receive more training and exams.

Medical certificates for license application and renewal must demonstrate that the driver has no congenital illnesses or symptoms that medical professionals deem unsafe to drive.

The department would work with Thailand’s Medical Council to define the diseases or symptoms that major motorcyclists must prove they do not have, Yongyut said.

In addition to the banned diseases in the old scheme, new banned diseases that are being considered are epilepsy, diabetes, high blood pressure, bipolar disorder, autism and a height of less than 90 centimetres.

The medical certificates apply to the application and renewal of all types of driving licenses — for passenger cars, motorcycles and public vehicles. Training and testing for major motorcyclists is currently being formulated, he said.

The Thai government stepped up the rules because the vehicles posed a high risk of road accidents, he said.

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