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Nightclub Appeals For Owner Of Red Lacy Pants To Come Forward


A British nightclub has embarked on a potentially dangerous but noble mission to reunite one of their patrons with a pair of racy pants that they discovered on a seat in the club.

Gorgeous Nightclub in Wolverhampton posted an impassioned appeal for the owner of a pair of lacy red pants that they found after Saturday night. The red thong was discovered by a member of staff, who then brought them to the attention of the management – who are now trying to return them to their rightful owner.

The club posted a picture on Facebook that showed the pants, which were cast asunder on one of the venue’s booths and said: “Lost & Found. We have had these pair of beauties left in the club last night and would love to reunite them with their owner.

“We understand that it’s been warm, and you may have removed them for a bit of air conditioning. With summertime coming to an end we would hate for you to get a chill.

“Pop in and claim them during opening hours or message our Facebook page.”

The club has been taking these efforts seriously, even checked CCTV to see if it can be ascertained as to who left them behind.

The club’s operations manager, Dale Murphy, said: “One of the team who looks after our events suggested we make the post and at first I was a bit hesitant as didn’t want it to come across bad by posting something like that.

“But with a bit of a tongue-in-cheek post, it was met with a humorous response.

“People was tagging their friends asking if they were theirs, and some of the comments really were hilarious.”

“Loads have people have messaged me asking if they had been claimed – someone even asked if they were mine. I’m not sure they are my colour, to be fair.

“They will be kept in lost property for six months and then discarded unless anyone would like them, I’m happy for them to go to a good home.”

The real worry there is the bit where he said: “Loads of people have messaged me asking if they had been claimed.”


I mean, who is doing that? Seriously. There has to be at least one full news story on who those people are, to begin with.

Hopefully they can be reunited with their owner as soon as possible – they must be really embarrassed to have forgotten such a delicate item on a night out, but it can happen to the best of us.

Alternatively, they could just throw them into the bin.

Actually, just do that.

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