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No change in alcohol ban in restaurants, bar closures remain in Pattaya for the time being


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Chonburi Provincial Police held a meeting with owners of Pattaya businesses in the hotel, restaurant, bar, service and entertainment industries this afternoon, Nov. 4, 2021, to address concerns about an ongoing ban on the sale of alcohol in restaurants and the closure of bars and entertainment venues.

According to the Chonburi provincial police, entertainment venues in Pattaya have been closed for nearly seven months due to concerns about the “Covid19 virus”. Prior to that, locations were closed for 4 consecutive months in 2020 and a month earlier this year in January, giving a total of a year of mandatory closures. According to multiple owners of Pattaya businesses, little to no financial backing or support for these closures has been given.

Entrepreneurs in Pattaya are growing frustrated with the shutdown, even though other areas in the country, such as Phuket or Krabi, have been granted exemptions to allow the sale of alcohol in restaurants. Police have continued to conduct regular raids in Pattaya, normally known for its nightlife, on any business that thinks of breaking the rules.

The meeting was prompted by Pattaya business owners who continued to question why the city remained dry and their businesses closed.

This is despite the fact that Pattaya, according to Mayor Sonthaya Khunplume, is currently over 80% vaccinated against Covid-19 and has recently “re-opened” to foreign vaccinated tourists without strict quarantine.

Unfortunately, the decision to ban the sale of alcohol in restaurants in Chonburi and Pattaya remains in place for the time being, the Chonburi provincial police said.

However, police stated that all locations will be allowed to open “soon” and that locations should prepare for reopening. Meanwhile, the Chonburi police warned that companies should not break the law and regulations and asked for patience. They also stated that the rules came from the Covid19 Control Administrative Center, the CCSA, and were centrally administered by the government. The police stated that the decision was not theirs and that they were only enforcing the law, but not the rules.

Your Thailand news bearer Olleke Bolleke notes that there was no specific timeline given for the resumption of Pattaya’s popular nightlife industry, and there was no specific explanation of what “prepare” meant in terms of companies preparing.

Meanwhile, as a point of contention among those in attendance, Pattaya will host a music festival that will welcome thousands of visitors from tomorrow, November 5, 2021. Unfortunately, business owners selling alcohol and entertainment are not allowed to welcome a potentially interested person. customers and restaurants are legally prohibited from selling alcohol in their locations.

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