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No more plastic bags at some 7 Eleven stores starting Monday

137 branches of 7 Eleven across Thailand will stop providing plastic bags from Monday as part of a trial before a nationwide ban comes into force in at the start of 2020.

The Nation reports that the step is being taken in support of a government policy to reducing the use of single-use plastic.

137 branches out of 10,300 stores in Thailand isn’t many, but it’s a start.

It’s a big, brave but necessary step to start weaning Thais off their reliance on small, single-use plastic bags that often carry other smaller items already wrapped in plastic at the convenience stores.

CP All’s senior vice-president of sustainable development, Suwit Kingkaew says the company is cooperating with the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment on the “Go Green, No Plastic Bag” campaign.

CP All has already implemented a policy of providing fewer plastic bags since August and has been donating the money saved from this initiative to hospitals around the country.

“Starting November 25, CP All will stop giving plastic bags to 7-11 customers at 137 pilot branches scattered nationwide. This pilot program will get us ready to the ‘no plastic bag’ policy to be employed at the start of next year at all branches of 7-11.”

Suwit adds that plastic bags will however continue to be provided for products such as hot or wet food, fruit and meat, and that reminders of the new policy will be displayed in stores.

“The branches that will stop giving plastic bags next week will display posters to let customers know that they should bring their own bags when shopping there. If customers don’t have their own bags, 7-11 also sells high-quality fabric bags at a reasonable price.”


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