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Norovirus hits over 500 students in Ratchaburi.

Over 500 students were attacked with Norovirus in Ratchaburi Province. The province governor has ordered a big cleaning mission to use 0.5% Sodium Hypochlorite in the filtration system of the province water supply in hopes to eliminate the dangerous virus.

Over 500 students from Kindergarten to Grade 6 caught the Norovirus. All of the students have food poisoning symptoms starting from 30 August to 5 September 2019. Most of the students are vomiting with diarrhea. The JIT team at the Ratchaburi Hospital confirmed that all the children have Norovirus.

Chayawut Jan the Governor of Ratchaburi Province called in all related government sectors to fight and protect the Norovirus from ever coming back again. The orders include,

  1. 150 volunteers to clean the school where the students were poisoned at.
  2. All related officials in 10 districts are ordered to clean all schools and locations with small children.
  3. To increase Chlorine levels in the tap water system.
  4. Schools, government buildings, and community areas are ordered for a big cleaning day on the weekends.
  5. For the Ratchaburi Provincial Public Health Office to educate villagers on Norovirus, especially on the risks, symptoms, and how to protect family members from catching the virus.
Credit: Workpoint News
Credit: Workpoint News

Officials visited the children at Ratchaburi Hospital on 6 September 2019. The virus spreads easily in a group of children. Norovirus strives in damp and humid areas. The school will wash all the bathrooms, kitchen, and school rooms with 5,000 ppm. Chlorine disinfectant (0.5% sodium hypochlorite). The students will be on close watch and are ordered to take 2 days off from school.

This is not the first time a school in Ratchaburi was attacked by the Norovirus. In June of this year, a school in Ban Pong District had over 100 students sick from the Virus. Hopefully, this will be the last school attacked by the virus as it spreads easily among a group of children, especially in playtime.

Credit: Workpoint News
Credit: Workpoint News

FB Caption: All of the students have food poisoning symptoms starting from 30 August to 5 September 2019.

Source: Workpoint News


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