North Korean Man Sentenced To Death For Smuggling Copies Of

North Korean Man Sentenced To Death For Smuggling Copies Of Squid Game

A North Korean man has been sentenced to death after he smuggled into the country and sold copies of the hugely popular South Korean series Squid Game. This after seven students were caught watching the series, Radio Free Asia reports.

The smuggler is said to have smuggled the series from China, where he put the series on various USB sticks. Sources told Radio Free Asia that his death sentence will be carried out by firing squad. The students who are caught will also be punished. For example, the student who bought a USB is given a life sentence. Six other students who watched the series had to do five years of hard labour.

“This all started last week when a high school student secretly bought a USB stick and watched the series with one of his best friends. They eventually shared the USB with other interested students and ended up getting caught after the police were tipped off,” a source within the North Korean police told Radio Free Asia.

In December 2020, North Korea passed a law that prohibits it from distributing films and music from other countries, especially South Korea and the United States, among other things. Anyone who is guilty of this can therefore receive the death penalty as the maximum penalty.

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