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Do not accept COD packages if you have not ordered anything


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In Europe we have known this phenomenon for some years, now it appears that it has blown over to Thailand. A Thai woman posted a warning on the Internet to never accept cash on delivery (COD) packages if you don’t remember ordering the item.

Cash on delivery orders have become very popular in Thailand lately because they are convenient: when you order an item, you don’t have to transfer or fill in your credit card information. The item will be delivered directly to your door and you only have to pay in cash. Many prefer cash on delivery as it also helps to avoid online scams as you don’t have to pay until the item is received.

But scammers of all shapes and sizes have now discovered cash on delivery as an easy way to rip you off. It is not yet clear where they get the addresses from, but many online shoppers receive random cash on delivery packages and only later realized that they had been fooled and that they were the victims of a vulgar scam after paying.

Many shoppers receive several cash on delivery shipments per day and without further thinking they pull their cut and pay at the door.

A victim posted her experience on Facebook this week, writing that she loves shopping online and often receives items COD, she accepts cash on delivery without realizing it was a scam this time. She opened the package after paying and remembered never having ordered such an item.

In the package was a pink shirt (one used rag) with a note that said, “I’m sorry, I need the money to pay my father’s medical bills. I have to make it on time or my father will lose his life.

The victim was annoyed and stated that this is not a good thing, stealing money in this way with such actions is tantamount to stealing.

We also don’t know if the note in the package was real, it could also be a story made up by the scammers. The woman paid at least 590 Baht for the shirt.

Many other Thai believe she is not the only victim. The scammer probably wrote hundreds of the same notes.

The victim states that if it really makes sense to be real, it is okay to help fellow human beings, but if the story is not true, she wishes hell and damnation for the crook.

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