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Only 8% of seats filled at Pattaya Countdown due to restrictive Covid-19 rules


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Mainly due to the disease-control measures that have been put in place to curb the Covid-19 virus, the Pattaya countdown was not a complete success due to only 8% of the 2500 seats full.

In order for people to sit in the socially distanced seats at Bali Hai Pier, customers not only had to show full proof that they had been fully vaccinated, but also a signed doctors certificate signed, showing that they had tested negative for the virus within the past 72 hours.

Rather than put up with such over-the-top nonsense for an outdoor event, people simply stayed away.

Officials in Pattaya had been embarrassed due to just 200 people that attended the Dec 31st event, officials had said that they would let more people on to the pier to view the amazing show from outside the gates where there were fewer restrictions

Mayor Sonthaya Kunplome thanked the couple hundred people who put up with the health rules for sticking it out.

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