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Tuesday, November 30, 2021

OnlyFans star aims to have sex with 1,000 guys before turning 30, now she’s halfway there


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Kazumi Squirts, 24, from Miami, California, is in a polyamorous relationship and attends sex parties to boost her ‘body count’ – and she wants to hit 1,000 people in the next six years

It has actually created quite the buzz around the sex industry, especially among the Onlyfans world. Onlyfans star Kazumi Squirts has told the media that her lifetime goal is that she will have sex with 1,000 lucky men by the time she hits 30 years old. Kazumi is now 24 with already 500 men bedded, so she is just halfway, and has another 6 years to complete her lifelong task.

Kazumi told the Dailystar that she doesn’t care what anyone says or if people gossip about her.. Her goal because is not to get into other people’s business and this is her own challenge and has nothing to do with anyone else.

Kasumi also emphasized that She protects herself very well by using condoms and is tested regularly. She has regular tests for diseases.

Kazumi has also said she is planning on going to a few sex parties and orgies to complete her mission faster.

Importantly, this hot girl has also said that for the last one, the 1,000th, she’ll keep it for her very special someone. And when she has completed her mission then she will invite over friends and ex-partners for a massive party and celebration.

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