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Owner of 2 stray pit bulls warned by the mayor of Saen Suk

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An owner of two pit bulls who reportedly let them roam freely near a public beach in the Bangsaen area of ​​Pattaya has received a warning from Saen Suk’s mayor, Khun Narongchai Khunplome.

The mayor said he had received statements from residents about the two roaming pit bulls through his PR accounts on social media and in local news outlets.

They feared for the safety of the children and elderly in the area and wanted to avoid attacks following the recent death of a pit bull owner who was ripped to death by his own pet. Residents also mentioned the possibility that a car or motorcycle accident could injure or even worse pit bulls and possibly people.

The dogs were originally thought to be stray dogs, but it was later revealed that the dogs had an owner who let them roam freely, without the guidance of a leash or any supervision.

There is legislation in Saen Suk that prohibits pets from running loose and also requires owners to clean up excrement left behind by their pets.

The owner of these pit bulls is known, but not mentioned in the press, nor that the dogs were aggressive in any way and most of the complaints only concerned civilians. The mayor’s post on social media garnered 900 responses, both for and against the wandering pit bulls, and received more than 7,000 likes.

Stray animals are a common problem in Thailand and especially around Pattaya. It is feared that the Covid-19 pandemic has caused more abandoned animals as people have left the province. Many stray animals have settled in areas abandoned by tourists, and several areas around Pattaya are experiencing the proliferation of stray animals, especially Banglamung.

It is against Thailand’s religious and cultural beliefs to euthanize stray animals, but there is much debate about the correct solution to this problem. The Soi Dog Foundation advocates spaying or neutering animals as well as vaccinating them before they are released back into their natural habitat. This avoids animal shelters where conditions can become inhumane due to overcrowding, and can also prevent more aggressive dogs from claiming local territories.

It has been agreed that aggressive dogs must be removed from the street as soon as possible.

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