Owner of a large hospitality company proposes a “Nightlife Sandbox” for Pattaya

Thai media this week printed an interesting proposal from a Walking Street bar owner who has been in contact with other owners and managers to present Chonburi city and county leaders a “Nightlife Sandbox” for the coastal city of Pattaya. determine when/if the area can be reopened for foreign vaccinated tourists.

The owner said he didn’t want any personal attention so I forgot his name and the name of bar so people can focus on this remarkable idea.

The thinking process is that if the idea is successful, it can be rolled out in other streets and locations in the city. The proposal is intended to be presented to the provincial government, who may then be able to present the idea to decision-makers at the administrative center for Covid19 containment, CCSA in Bangkok.

The nightlife is currently closed since April 10 and there is no sign of it reopening anytime soon. In addition, almost every restaurant owner claims to have had no or very little financial support from the government as compensation for the lengthy imposed closures that have reduced their livelihoods far below current living conditions.

However, with recent signs that a “re-opening” of Pattaya could go ahead without any nightlife due to concerns about how to open it safely, business owners want the opportunity to present ideas to those in charge.

Pattaya’s ‘Nightlife Sandbox’ should look like this

Firstly, all access points to Walking Street would de

must be closed by volunteers, police and tourist police, the north side, soi 15, soi 16, side alleys and the south side.

Who should be allowed to enter the ‘Nightlife Sandbox’ area?

  1. Staff with 1 or 2 vaccines or recovered from covid with evidence.
  2. Customers with 2 vaccines or recovered from covid with evidence.
  3. Food vendors can come in with 1 or 2 vaccines or recovered from covid.

Everyone should be checked: staff, customers and food vendors by QR code, Mor Prom app and temperature, etc.

In this way, everyone in Walking Street would be able to hop around in a controlled and safe manner.

The catering companies have to check the QR code of customers for a second time to make sure not to let infected people in and to limit any places where infections take place.

It would be the first Nightlife Sandbox of its kind that will attract tourists, revenue and positive media attention. The aim would be to allow tourists to enjoy themselves while also giving entrepreneurs a window to reopen for the first time in six months. If done properly, there is no reason why the nightlife industry could not open like other large industries with many people such as factories, shopping malls or hotels.

If the nightlife industry is active in addition to the daytime attractions and tourist spots, Pattaya will really help you get back faster. The idea could also be easily implemented in other areas such as LK Metro, Soi 6, Tree Town and surrounding streets, Soi Boomerang, etc.

Let’s unite as entrepreneurs and show the government that we are willing to find a solution within their rules and laws. The current solution of “staying closed indefinitely” is not a long-term solution and has only put many people in deep personal and financial difficulties.

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